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Vietnam Journal Series 2 - Volume 3: Ripcord


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VIETNAM JOURNAL RETURNS! July 1970. Scott "Journal" Neithammer has been reporting first-hand on President Nixon’s military incursion into Cambodia to root out the North Vietnamese Army’s, until then, untouchable sanctuaries. However, this all comes to an abrupt end when he is kidnapped by over-zealous Military Police and returned to South Vietnam to face the Provost Marshall’s wrath.  The incident sparks Neithammer’s unexpected journey back into the dreaded A Shau Valley where the 101st Airborne Division, once again, attempts to bloody the noses of the NVA.  Just one year earlier, their Brothers had fought a prolonged and divisive battle in the A Shau Valley on Hill 937, Dong Ap Bia Mountain—aka Hamburger Hill.  This brings us to the siege of Fire Support Base RIPCORD. This is a story of over-confidence, arrogance, and revenge on the part of Military Assistance Command Vietnam in Saigon, coupled with an under-strength U.S. force sent to face an enemy who outnumbers them ten to one.  RIPCORD was the final large unit battle in the waning days of the Vietnam War for the United States.  The troops were expected to face a massive enemy presence, have minimal or no casualties, and receive limited ordinance and support, while vanquishing a highly motivated and well supplied enemy.  In the jargon of the boonie rats of the day—“f**king typical”.  RIPCORD is also the story of the senseless waste of young American lives, as was Hamburger Hill before it. Nevertheless, it recognizes the extreme heroism of the lowly infantry grunt, average age 18-years-old, who was expected to complete an overwhelming task.  RIPCORD...a little known battle with an all too predictable outcome. Collects Vietnam Journal: Series Two issues 11-15.

Written by: Don Lomax

Art by: Don Lomax

124 Pages

Black and White