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Velda: Girl Detective, Volume 3


Velda is a series presented as if they actually existed as a classic Golden Age comic. In this collection, Velda is back on the stage shedding feathers as she finds herself up to her ears in counterfeiters when "Her Chips Come In"! In another story, "Velda vs the DA" she gets a kick out of meeting her archenemy face to face! Also in this issue: Velda takes on a double role to outwit kidnapers when she becomes "The Prisoner of Zendaville," and tracks a murderous art thief who can't resist "The Naked Milkmaid." Also, containing the infamous “suppressed” issue as the publisher folded under the weight of Dr. Frederic Werthham’s expose of the comic industry in “Seduction of the Innocent”. With the public outcry against this Velda storyline, the story has never seen print until now. Rounding out this volume are adventures of “Neolithica: Girl of the Pleistocene”, the Velda Paper Doll Kit and the Velda Board Game in addition to more Velda adventures.
Written By: Ron Miller
Art By: Ron Miller
Pages: 126
Print: Black and White