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War of the Worlds: Infestation


The battle for planet Earth continues in a sequel-style story to H.G. Wells classic science fiction tale.
Based on concepts and stories originated by H.G. Wells! The “Martian Invasion” has begun again and now mankind must fight, not only for their homes, but for their very humanity. Aliens were the stuff of legends, fairy tales, to scare children or to entertain those wanting to escape the mundane existence of their lives. Few men took them seriously, let alone saw them as a threat. Yet as mankind busied itself about their petty affairs, they were being scrutinized and studied, perhaps as narrowly as a scientist might watch under the microscope of the microbes that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. It happened slowly at first but by the third year, it seemed that the war was almost over…the war was almost lost. And humanity was not going to be the winner. This story picks up with mankind fighting a fallback battle in the central US against a new kind of biological weapon the aliens have unleashed on the planet. It centers on a large group of surviving individuals who wildly differ as to how they should live their future...either quietly hold down and go about their business and leave the aliens to the planet...or continue to fight a seemingly hopeless war and go out dying standing on one's own two feet.
Written by: Randy Zimmerman
Art by: Horus
Pages: 128
Print: Black and White