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Sixsmiths: Volume 2


The Sixsmiths are a family of suburban Satanists recovering from the global recession. Their eldest daughter, Jezabelle, has returned to the fold with a frightening amount of zeal. Meanwhile, recently converted Dennis O'Dowell finds that adopting a new faith has not made him as cool as he had hoped. But when the church burns down the whole community is embroiled in a crisis. What hidden enemy has brought them this low? Or is the Dark Lord punishing them for their weakness? Collects Volume 2, Issues 1-3.

Written by: Jason Franks
Art by: Jason Franks, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Jase Harper, Dean Rankine, Trevor Wood, Luke Pickett, Aly Faye, Bruce Mutard, Tim McEwen, Bobby N, Sarah Howell, Anton McKay, Ed Sienienkowicz, Gregory MacKay, Sacha Bryning, Simon Wright
Pages: 158
Print: Black and White