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Ballad of Rory Hawkins


What happens when a writer and out of work TV western actor cross paths with Charles Manson?

This is the story of Rory Hawkins, a struggling novelist with a troubled past, and George Clayton, an out of work actor who starred in the 1950s TV western series Outlaw Pass, as they inadvertently come into contact with the infamous Manson Family and become targets of its blood lust in Los Angeles during the summer of 1969.

This is a work of historical fiction. Not only are many of the characters real, but the story is rooted in historical fact, specifically Manson's desire to target celebrities for violence and his residence at the Spahn movie ranch. Also, this story takes place during a very specific historical timeline (Saturday, August 2 - Monday, August 11, 1969), and the events are intertwined with the Sharon Tate and LaBianca family murders that took place during those fateful days. It features meticulously research on the Manson murders and the narrative hasbeen developed in a way so that the events in the story could be historically plausible and a resolution is reached without contradicting any of the historical record.

Written by: Ben Sherrill
Art by: Rowel Roque
Cover by: Andres Carranza
Pages: 186
Print: Black and White