A boy abandoned by his parents and left to die in the wilderness, the last day of life for a suffering cancer patient, a girl struggling through the heartbreak of a lost love, a homeless man addicted to drugs, a woman haunted by the memories of childhood abuse. These are just some of the people whose lives and souls have been touched by the Archangel Adriel.
The Apparition is a story about human lives. The Angel of Benevolence, Adriel, is one of the seven archangels of Heaven whose main function is to preside over the lost, the downtrodden, the meek, the suffering of children, and the innocent. He is a warrior who is a combatant in the never-ending battle of spiritual warfare. A war that exists unknowing to normal humans in a realm that is unseen by the naked human eye.
The Apparition is the story of an angel, the Archangel Adriel. He is an alien being whose sole purpose is to dispense divine benevolence on humankind that can never see or thank him, but who are continually receiving his critical assistance in their lives.
The Archangel Adriel, "The Apparition," affects the stories of many lives. Adriel is not a human recycled into an ersatz St. Teresa, but an entirely separate species of being, alien in thought, body, and perception. The challenges of dispensing Divine Benevolence and how these challenges impact on a creature created primarily as a Heavenly Warrior are primary concerns of the series. Also developed as subplots are Adriel’s "theological reality" and the miscellaneous details of his extraordinary manner of living.
All this results in a unique vision of angelic existence, which by contrast throws a relevant and revealing light on the human existence. Adriel’s observation of people show them to be flawed, yet infinitely precious things that can be a constant source of inspiration. Not the artificial inspiration of conventional storytelling in casting its characters in a hazy stereotypical idealism, but rather in examining people honestly and impartially. Even in all the Angel’s magnificence, he was not created with Free Will. Therefore, the human creature’s gift of a Choice of whether to do Well or Ill shows a finer, if harsher magnificence than even the splendid Host of Heaven.
Written by: James Pruett
Art by: Gene Gonzales, Craig Brasfield. Matthew Dow Smith, Tyler Bishop
Pages: 166
Print: Black and White