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Talismen: Return of the Exile


Based on the award winning original webcomic series. Talismen: 
Return of the Exile follows the adventures of Marine Corporal Ollie 
Steele who finds him about to be executed by terrorists, when he is 
magically transported to the Plane of Imaginings, the land where 
dreams and nightmares come from. When a beautiful young 
woman with pointy ears named Astrina finds Ollie and takes him 
back to the quiet village of Donnelly, he is stunned to learn that 
they recognize him as the first of three Exiles prophesied to rescue 
them from Ba, the foul Ruler of the Realm of Nightmares and his 
shadowy first knight, Scath. But first there is that ravenous giant 
monster at the edge of the village to deal with.
An all age’s magical adventure tale!
Story & Art: Barb Jacobs
Script: Barb Jacobs and Steven Philip Jones
Pages: 104
Print: Color