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Space: 1999 Alien Seed paperback novel

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Based on the popular and classic science fiction television series Space: 1999. Space: 1999 Alien Seed is an original story novel written by well-known and acclaimed British author E.C. Tubb.
Space: 1999, created by Gerry Anderson, was first broadcast around the world on television in 1975 and is still in syndication today. The series followed the exploits of a group of men and women from Moonbase Alpha, based on the Earth's moon, which is hurled through the far reaches of outer space following the result of a nuclear explosion. The 48 episode series featured Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Barry Morse, and groundbreaking special effects.
As Moonbase Alpha hurtles through space, an unrelenting chain of events threatens its very existence. A rogue asteroid on course toward certain collision, a deadly plague decimating the crew with systematic precision, and the hypnotic presence of a mysterious female creature - was there a hidden connection and would Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell and Professor Victor Bergman discover the secret in time to thwart imminent destruction?
Space: 1999 Alien Seed is a fast-paced, adventure novel that is sure to please followers of the television series, fans of E.C. Tubb's work, and science fiction readers in general.
Written by: EC Tubb
Pages: 196
Print: Black & White
Soft Cover