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The Shepherd: Volume 2 - The Path of Souls

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Professor Lawrence Miller lost his son Val to a drug overdose. Overwhelmed by grief, he could sense his son’s distress as he called out from beyond the grave. Recklessly, Miller followed his son into the afterlife. After great turmoil and with the help of Franco, his long-deceased father, Lawrence and Val are reunited. Now they wander the “Seam,” that ever-shifting place between this world and whatever comes next, choosing to spend their eternity helping other souls. In The Shepherd: The Path of Souls, the Millers happen upon a very unusual district in the Seam, a “hospital” for souls who have died in combat. Here warriors of all cultures and eras gather. These lost souls are locked in ever-repeating cycles of violence and trauma. They are still fighting the battles that claimed their lives, struggling against the specters of unresolved fears, broken hopes, and shattered dreams. Can the Millers survive and help these miserable spirits or will they fall victim to fear and be swept into the cycles of violence that haunt this place?

Collects issues 1-3 of The Shepherd: Path of Souls comics series. 

Written by: Andrea Molinari and Roberto Molinari

Illustrated by: Jess Hara, Kyle Huston, Bethany Varni, Cristobal Torres Iglesias, Carolina Do Nasciscimento

125 Pages


Soft cover