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Saint Germaine: The Magus and Other Stories


The lead feature is Magus which ties into the Saint Germaine storyline but stands on its own. The Magus is said to be immortal and secrets are revealed as to how he obtained his immortality. There was a heavy price to pay and now, Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies has come to collect. Will Magus sacrifice his only daughter to this master of the darkness? Also included here are two standalone stories. “The Tragedy of Falstaff” is based on one of William Shakespeare’s most tragic characters. In an ALL NEW story, Saint Germaine narrates a story to writer, Victor Hugo and it deals with the love and tribulations of a hunchback at the cathedral of Notre Dame. “Quasimodo’s Tale” is about a hunchback, victim of cruelty yet still manages to find something to love in the world…until it is taken away.
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Craig Brasfield, Laval Ng, Bill Bryan, James Lyle, and others

Pages: 160
Print: Black and White