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Saint Germaine: Shadows Fall


The compelling saga of a man who lives forever. Germaine pulls the memories of those about to die and binds them into his own. He is a blend of memories and his own mind is a history of mankind. Germaine can claim immortality yet he has died a thousand deaths. He has traversed the paths of mankind for untold years with his companion, Lilith. But Lilith's disappearance and the perils of the modern world direct him to undertake a new quest — to surrender his immortality. This is the introductory story of Saint Germaine and collects the Saint Germaine comic series, issues 1-4 plus a bonus story - 'The Tragedy of Falstaff', based on the character created by William Shakespeare. Features artwork from Vince Locke (Sandman, A History of Violence, Deadworld).
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Vince Locke
Pages: 142
Print: Black and White