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Renfield: A Tale of Madness

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Renfield is the story of the bug eating inmate depicted in Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula novel. It centers on a man who is slowly being consumed by madness because of the visions and voices that intrude upon his dreams and nightmares. While the events from the Dracula novel swirl around him, Renfield faces his pre-ordained task of preparing for his mysterious “master” and he struggles to understand what his “messiah” is asking of him. Upon discovering that Dracula is offering him eternal life, Renfield realizes that for beings such as Dracula to live, others must die. Renfield must decide between immortality or humanity. He cannot have both. Though centered on Renfield we are still introduced to all the main characters of the Dracula story. But seen from Renfield's point of view as his story's events run parallel to the events within Stoker's Dracula.

Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Galen Showman
Print: Black and White
190 Pages