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Red Diaries

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It started with a single Red Diary.  Inside, it contained all the secrets that the owner had listened to and talked to with her various lovers. She wrote down everything in the Red Diary. Her lovers were powerful men and when she threatened to go public with it...she died.
Murdered?  Perhaps. But the diary turns up missing. The woman was Marilyn Monroe and her lovers included President John F. Kennedy and his brother, then Attorney General, Robert Kennedy.
Her death remains a mystery...as does the contents of the Red Diary as it has never turned up.
In this compelling publication, a man claims to be the son of Marilyn Monroe. His father? Perhaps one of the Kennedys but he doesn’t know which one. He has now been approached by a mob hit man who was assigned to watch over Marilyn as she carried out her secret pregnancy in Mexico. The mobster, calling himself Carlos, had fallen in love with Marilyn as so many other men have. And when he witnesses the murder of Marilyn, he elects to steal the diary.
And thus he begins his own set of Red Diaries...to carry on Marilyn’s work.
From the assassination of Kennedy, to the cover up that followed, and the deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy to Watergate, Carlos chronicles all the aspects he knows. His role differs from that of other various conspiracies for he claims he was the one that shot the fatal bullet into Kennedy’s brain...partly for money and partly for retribution for Marilyn’s death.
An investigative team now attempts to uncover both the diaries and the truth. Can the story possibly be true? Are there really a set of diaries that will blast everything wide open? As they go deeper, they find stumbling blocks in Washington and from the mob. And what is the real truth?
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Chris Jones, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput 
Pages: 168
Print: Black and White