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Knights of the Skull


The tales of the Waffen SS during the Second World War. 
Noted historian artist and acclaimed comic writer Wayne Vansant provides art and story for this trilogy of gripping war tales of the infamous German Panzer divisions.  In addition to Tank Killers which are tales of the young soldiers who command these mighty tanks, Witches’ Caldron tells the incredible tale of the German troop situation on the Eastern Front at Kursk when while attempting to retreat they were cut off and surrounded by the Soviet army. And finally Battle Group Peiper chronicles the events that led to the Malmedy massacre, when American POWs who surrendered during the Battle of the Bulge were massacred by German troops under the command of the infamous Joachim Peiper.
Written by: Wayne Vansant
Art by: Wayne Vansant
Pages: 104
Print: Black and White