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Jazz Age Chronicles: Volume 1


Unlikely investigative duo solving mysterious crimes during the American roaring 20's
It’s Boston in the 1920s. Famed Harvard archaeologist Clifton Jennings, international adventurer and discoverer of ancient treasures, has some adventures no one knows about. He’s a member of a Secret Society, one that guards against supernatural threats and unscrupulous meddlers in the black arts. However when Jennings and his Secret Society hire a resourceful yet seedy private eye by the name of Ace Mifflin to assist them on cases that’s when their troubles really begin.
In "The Case of the Beguiling Baroness", Ace Mifflin, private eye, finds himself plunged into mysteries that go beyond his comfort zone of speakeasies and the streets of Boston. When famed archaeologist Clifford Jennings' Secret Society needs to keep track of Baroness Von Treskam a notorious dabbler in the black arts, they hire Mifflin. And that's when things get out of hand. And while the true fate of the Baroness remains a mystery, Jennings and Mifflin track down a killer that is beyond anything Mifflin has experienced before. But even if they can catch the killer, how can they possible stop him? "In Vote Early, Often", Ace Mifflin finds himself on the wrong side of the law as he attempts to help an old friend beat a murder charge. With almost everything against him, can Mifflin clear himself and his friend? And what connection could all this have with a disaster in Mifflin’s past that nearly brought Boston to its knees? On the verge of finding the proof that he needs to clear his friend, his evidence disappears. With the election primary coming up, can Mifflin reassemble all the pieces and prove his allegations that the real murderer is running for office?
Written by: Ted Slampyak
Art by: Ted Slampyak
Pages: 140
Print: Black and White