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Irving's Icky Insects


A Follow-Up To Our Popular Zelda's Zombie Zoo All Ages 
Educational Book
A look at the incredible world of insects by your "host", Irving. 
Using illustrations from a number of illustrators in a humorous way, 
Irving gives tid-bits of fascinating information about the insects. 
Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth? That some of your 
favorite candy is actually crushed up beetles (especially the red 
ones)? A perfect book for all ages and kids will enjoy the 
sometimes zany approach to the artwork.
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Tony Miello, Emily Zelasko, Adam Talley, Jeff Sornig, Tim 
Shay, Stephen Sharar, Stephanie Oz, Wayne Reid, Trevor McKee, 
Robert Knight, Craig Gassen, Tom Finley, Jim Demick, BJ Duvall, 
Chuck Bordell, Demone Amerson, Evan Kowalski
Pages: 50
Print: Color
Soft Cover