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Horror City: Volume 1


A team of American and International comic artists and writers has 
been brought together to create, Horror City, a unique horror 
anthology loaded with terror, black humor and twist endings. All the 
stories take place in the fictional “Payne City” a place where 
anything can happen and in which many of its deranged citizens 
are the worst kind of monsters. For fans of the Twilight Zone, Tales 
of the Crypt, and Night Gallery, here are TEN spine-chilling stories 
collected in each Volume collected from the individual issues of the 
Horror City comic series.
Contained within Volume 1. “THE CURIOUS CASE OF BECKY 
THE BUTTON KILLER”: A black humor parody of Fitzgerald’s “The 
Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. “BAD BLOOD”: we join a 
sadistic captain working in a concentration camp that whatever he 
does he can´t wash a prisoner’s blood of him. “WHEN ANGEL´S 
DESERVE TO DIE”: Sam is a bounty hunter but not a regular one. 
He hunts down renegade angels who have gone AWOL; “RENT”: 
a young student, Alan, is desperate to find a decent room to rent, 
but so far he has only found overpriced disgusting rooms. 
“GRETA’S HOUSE”: A group of kids play soccer close to an old 
house. “NEVER LOOKED BACK AT ME”: An old poor man 
scavenges for food in a dumpsite where he discovers the 
dismembered body of a young beautiful girl. “ZOMBIE 
DEMOCRACY”: Tom, a zombie hunter, follows a zombie into a 
polling station. He will discover a government conspiracy to use the 
undead as voters. “BAD OFFICE DAY”: Father Hildebrand, a tough 
old school catholic priest, prepares himself for battle and recalls 
how he tracked down a traitor inside the high command of the 
Catholic Church. “13&13”: Tom a WWII ace pilot is in the middle of 
a dogfight over the German countryside, but he’s not flying alone. 
A ghoulish creature sits in the backseat.
Written by: E. Mayern Briem, Evaristo Lugo Tovar
Art by: Justin Prokowich, Heather Uebel, Jose Garcia, Pramit 
Santra, Florentino Cuevas, Evaristo Lugo Tovar, Jesus Garcia, 
Jorge Humberto Diaz, Fernando Funk, Nuria Velasco Sanchez, 
Ondrej Soukup, Emerson Dimaya
Pages: 120
Print: Full Color