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Divine Comedy


What makes someone want to kill?
The age old question of nature (genetics) versus nurture (conditioning) is still open to debate. What is not open for debate is Brandon’s need to kill.  But it isn’t for revenge or fame or money...it’s for penance. He may have had the perfect life of being a model by day and partier by night, but underneath he is a tormented, murderous soul. And as the investigating detectives along with the FBI find out, this is motive enough that fuels a mad quest which can be unstoppable.
The race is on to stop Brandon’s murderous quest for earning penance. As the circle of the detectives and FBI closes in, Brandon is compelled to continue his bloody orgy, regardless of the consequences.
Brandon’s coming for you, sinners.
Written by: Matthew Nicholls
Art by: Simon Wright
Pages: 66
Print: Color
Soft Cover