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Descent into Dread


In the tradition of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE TWILIGHT ZONE and BLACK MIRROR. A cosmic beast that feeds on time; a curious creature made of filth and bile; a ruthless empire hunting the sun itself -- experience horror for a new generation in this haunting anthology of 12 collected tales realized by modern talents and diverse styles. Explore the anxieties of twenty-first century life through unknowable monsters, oppressive dystopias, and the worst entry-level job of all time. Prepare yourself for a deadly Descent into Dread.

Written by: Dalton Shannon, Wells Thompson

Illustrated by:Antonio Russo Tantaro, Andrea Modugno, Serg Acuna, Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Kath Lobo, Mia Strizzi, Mary Landro

Pages: 104

Black and White