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Deadworld: War of the Dead


Presented in color with a fully painted series. Designed to stand on 
its own, the storyline picks up the pieces of Deadworld: 
Slaughterhouse as it returns to the sanctuary known as Safe 
Haven. A small outpost, remnants of a twisted scientist’s scheme 
gone wrong to defeat the plague, holds out against the army of 
King Zombie. Their secret weapon are the Lepers-victims of a 
bizarre experiment that left them with dead skin in breathing 
husks...with flesh that even zombies won’t touch. It is a war of 
intelligence versus primal instincts---the will to survive against the 
craving for flesh. It is a war of those with dead carcasses inhabited 
by living minds against those that are totally lifeless. It is a War of 
the Dead.
Winner of the Ghastly Award for Best Horror mini-series of 2012.
“...remarkably literate and starkly imaginative, and is a winner in 
every scene, in every shot, in every line of dialogue.” -The Lottery 
“War of the Dead is by far the greatest zombie story out there right 
now”. - Unleash the Fanboy
“This is a fantastic zombie book. Makkonen has an insanely 
terrifying style, the writing is beautiful…it’s like reading a 
nightmare.” - Drunk on Comics.
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Sami Makkonen
Pages: 132
Print: Color