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Deadworld: Requiem for the World


The introduction of the classic horror series, Deadworld, to a new audience! Considered by many to be the original zombie comic, Deadworld ripped into the undead with intelligent zombies on a mission and the poor teens riding in a school bus desperately try to stay one step ahead of the sadistic, Harley-riding King Zombie. Death, mayhem, and a touch of supernatural evil made Deadworld a classic and now here's your chance to get into the story! This is a graphic novel compilation of the six issue reboot of the classic series. Deadworld - a world that has suffered the unleashing of a supernatural holocaust as the dead return to walk the Earth. Isolated pockets of humanity struggle to survive. It is a world torn apart by death.
“The revival of Deadworld continues to swelter into a huge blockbuster in the making.” - Kenneth Gallant, Broken Frontier
“This is one heck of a disturbing book and I’d definitely recommend it to new and old fans alike.” - Paul Milligan, World’s Heavyweight Comics.
“The writing in Deadworld is very sharp; from the very beginning we are captivated both by action and by character." - IGN.
Written by: Gary Reed
Art by: Vince Locke, Dalibor Talajic
Pages: 152
Print: Black and White