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Climbing the Dragon's Ladder


Perpetua, born in the 2nd century AD, was a martyr, a mystic and, interestingly enough, the first known woman Christian writer. She left behind a diary that outlined her personal experiences, feelings and visions as she languished in prison, awaiting her execution. Sometime after her death, a Christian eyewitness to these brutal events edited her journal and appended additional relevant materials such as a vision recorded by one of her companions and a 'blow by blow' account of the martyrs' final moments in the gladiatorial arena in Carthage AD 203.  

Here are the events of Perpetua and her companions' life and those of the larger historical period that weaves a believable back-story of ordinary men and women who are caught up in events that test their faith in God and their commitment to Christianity.  
This is a story of faith under fire, of courage in the face of terrible loss and deprivation and of the human will to hope, even when things are at their darkest.  
Featuring over 30 illustrations to assist in depicting this story.

Written by: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Pages: 218

Black and White