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Caliber Presents: Volume 2


The original Caliber Presents anthology title was one of Caliber Comic’s inaugural releases in the 1990s and featured predominantly new creators, many of which went onto successful careers in the comics’ industry, including landing jobs and long term employment at MARVEL and DC. Each volume highlights the writing and art talents of current comic creators throughout the industry.


Contained within Volume 2. Caliber Presents is an anthology bringing forth new voices along with comic veterans to provide an eclectic mix of quality and diversity. From drama to horror to science fiction, each edition of Caliber Presents has all new material along with some previews of classic Caliber material and an Artist Sketchbook. In this issue, Ghost Sonata is previewed and artist Sami Makkonen provides the sketchbook along with regular tales of horror, science fiction, action/adventure, and mystery.


Written by: Sam Costello,  Ken Meyer Jr., Glenn Moane, Gary Reed, Mark Bertolini, Jason Walz, Gary Scott Beatty, E. Mayen 
Briem, Orion Petitclerc
Art by: Trevor Denham, Ken Meyer Jr., Predrag Ivanovic, Andy Bennett, Jason Jarava, Sami Makkonen, Jason Walz, Gary Scott 
Beatty, Denis Vermesse, Marcelo Salaza
Pages: 112
Print: Black/White