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Caliber Presents: Volume 1


The original Caliber Presents anthology title was one of Caliber 
Comic’s inaugural releases in the 1990s and featured 
predominantly new creators, many of which went onto successful 
careers in the comics’ industry, including landing jobs and long 
term employment at MARVEL and DC. Each volume highlights the 
writing and art talents of current comic creators throughout the 
In this first volume of the all-new Caliber Presents, Alex Sheikman 
presents a science fiction tale inspired by the spaghetti westerns of 
Sergio Leon. Joe Pruett and Ken Meyer Jr. team up on an 
introspective tale of a mundane life punctuated by tragedy. Jason 
Walz illustrates a tale of cosplayers at conventions. Sam Costello 
and Steven Perkins team up for an unexpected look at victims. 
Gary Reed and Laval Ng show a glimpse from the pages of Saint 
Germaine’s Magus. Renton Hawkey and Nick Barber present a 
look at the promise of tomorrow. Mark Bertollini and Jerome 
Eyquem tell a tale of instant time travel. Gary Scott Beatty takes us 
to the cool age of Jazz and E. Mayen Briem and Emerson Dimaya 
take us further back for a horror tale during the war years. Ben 
Sherrill and Rowel Roque show us a futuristic big game hunting 
trip and for the artist sketchbook feature, Mark Bloodworth from 
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Midnight Mortuary, and Deadworld shows 
off his art.
Written by: Gary Reed, Joe Pruett, Gary Scott Beatty, Sam 
Costello, Ben Sherrill, E. Mayen Briem, Mark Bertolini, Renton 
Art by: Alex Shekiman, Mark Bloodworth, Ken Meyer Jr., Gary 
Scott Beatty, Jason Walz, Steven Perkins, Rowel Rogue, Emerson 
Dimaya, Nick Barber
Pages: 112
Print: Black/White