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Boy Zero, Volume Two


Boy Zero is an epic noir spanning decades and two separate murder 
mysteries. A serial killer has crippled Glass City using fear, for the 
better part of a year. Killing to a soundtrack, he mysteriously has 
tapped into the city’s PA systems and radio frequencies; uniting the 
city in the moments of his murders. Detective Drekker is called in to 
lead the investigation and finds that he must revisit an old case. The 
two cases are somehow linked and Drekker must connect them 
before the killings begin again. In this second volume, the moment of 
Zero is upon us. The answers to ‘What is the Zero moment?’ are 
ready to be answered as new evidence surfaces on The Boogeyman 
killings. This draws the police toward a new lead while the children 
decide to take matters into their own hands.
Written by: Charles Chester
Art by: Shiloh Penfield
Pages: 116
Print: Color